David Guarducci and Charles Woodard have collaborated on projects since the late 1980's. In 2005 they formed an affiliation in which their respective studios coordinate and work on all of the projects together – each bringing their areas of expertise and specialization to provide comprehensive artisan glass services to their clients.

David Guarducci is a third-generation artisan whose skills are based in traditional European stained glass craftsmanship. He was initially trained in the glass studio of his grandfather, Vincent Maragliotti of New York City. The son of artists Otello and Iris Guarducci, he formed Guarducci Stained Glass Studios while still in school and upon graduating from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York he devoted himself full-time to a career in stained glass that has spanned four decades.

David has held Stained Glass Association of America full-service studio accreditation for 20 years. He has served as the head of the Association's Preservation and Restoration Committee from 2012- 2013, and was involved in the development of the current SGAA Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Stained Glass Windows.

Charles Woodard was drawn to stained glass after attending St. John’s College in New Mexico through an apprenticeship opportunity with Gerhard Nicholson in Berkley, California in 1972. This led him to become versed in the craftsmanship of traditional stained glass window creation. In 1976 he formed his studio Architectural Stained Glass and concentrated on residential and gallery show work for the next decade. The opportunity to manage an ecclesiastical stained glass studio in the mid-1980's combined with further studies in glass painting techniques led to a shift of his focus to traditional liturgical work for his own studio from the ’90's to the present